Musician Playback.

This is intentionally the first bullet point. Even though it may not be the most glamorous line item in terms of gear lust, I feel it is the most important. The studio is equipped with an AVB audio network backbone allowing infinite routing options. This allows performers full control of their headphone mix via a simple to use app. The mixes can be handled by the performer or the engineer. All mixes are stereo with independent reverb/FX control. Though I encourage you to bring your own headphones, I do have many sets of on ear/in ear options available that are cleaned after every session. A 40ch 1:2 transformer isolated analog mic split is also available should you prefer to use your own in ear monitoring system. All headphone extension lines are built from HD Canare twisted pair shielded Starquad cable with locking Neutrik 1/4" connectors. Monitoring can also be handled via the console should you prefer a more old school route. Several outboard reverb and delay units are available to keep monitoring out of the box. 24 mixes can be provided in the digital realm, and 6 can be provided via the console in analog.  

Studio Summary.

My studio is based in my home, which is located in the rural suburb of Youngstown, Ohio known as New Middletown. Even though the space is intended as my private mixing studio, it has full tracking capability. All rooms in the house can be used for recording with a minimum of 8 channels of dry lines in each satellite room with 32 channels in the main room. The main live room features 12ft ceilings and a beautiful view of an 55 acre field. The control room is a hybrid setup with a 48ch Midas Heritage 2000 analog console. The control room can be used with or without the console allowing for hybrid or full in the box audio. MOTU AVB interfaces are used for 48 in / 48 out audio allowing full use of the console and or outboard equipment. Though our backline list leans heavy on drums, we do have a lovely selection of amps and guitars. The space is in the middle of nowhere on a dead end street. New Middletown has 1 traffic light and a Dairy Queen. If you would like to get out of the city to record, this is your spot.